As VW introduce the fastest GTI ever, the Clubsport S, with it they also introduce a new lap record at the Nürburgring.

The GTI Clubsport S, driven by German Racing driver Benny Leuchter, managed the fastest ever time for a production FWD around the Nordschleife, with a time of 7 minutes, 49.21 seconds. The new GTI smashed the record previously set by the Honda Civic Type R in 2014, with a time of 7 minutes 50.63 seconds.


This new exclusive version produces 228 kW, does 0-100 in 5.8 seconds and will go on to a top speed of 260 km/h.

Naturally, the raw figures don’t reflect the car’s true potential. The Nordschleife comes into play here. Thus the new Clubsport S comes with a dedicated Nürburgring setting, courtesy of the individually configurable Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) and a driving profile selector.


Only 400 Clubsport S GTI’s will ever be produced, where over 100 cars are being delivered to German customers. The Clubsport S is only available with 2 doors, 2 seats and strictly a manual transmission, in order to keep weight as low as possible.

Other weight-saving measures include a smaller battery, no interior insulation, removal of the variable-height trunk floor, the rear parcel shelf, and the floor mats. An aluminium subframe for the front suspension and aluminium brake covers also help the cause.


The unladen weight is 1,285 kg, resulting in a great power-to-weight ratio. The lack of weight also means greater fuel efficiency, with an NEDC rating of 8.9 l/100km (equivalent to 172 g/km CO2).

The Clubsport S also comes with 19” Michelin semi-slick tyres and buckets seats as standard. The braking system has also seen some modification to cope with the higher temperatures associated with track-driving. A torque-sensing LSD is also throw into the mix to help with traction.


The new GTI also features aerodynamic modifications to assist lap-times around the ‘Ring. A completely new front bumper is paired with a 2-piece roof-edge spoiler and diffuser at the back for greater downforce and stability.