With its manual gearbox, non-turbocharged 4-litre flat-six, and bonnet stripes, the Porsche 911 R is a truly special car, hitting it off with enthusiasts from the onset.

Recently it has become very clear just how much enthusiasts love this car as one particular example sold earlier in the week for almost £1 million!

That’s about 7 times more than the original £136,901 listing price.


Supercar financial experts Magnitude Finance recon that the 911 R, percentage wise, has achieved a record level of appreciation for a new car.

“We spoke to several Porsche specialist dealers and they confirmed the cars are commanding close to £1 million but they can’t list them at this amount,” said Magnitude head Tim Marlow.


The limited production number of only 991 units surely has something to do with this phenomenal increase in demand and appreciation. Demand seems to be so high that even 911 GT3 RS resale values have increase.

Along the same lines, the Cayman GT4, which also enjoys a limited production run, has also seen steady increases in resale values.