KIA have always been known for their innovative thinking and willing to grow and develop their products. Along these lines, KIA have now introduced their newly-developed 8-speed automatic gearbox, designed for use in front-wheel drive applications.

The new ‘box was completely designed, and manufactured, in house.

Kia-8-Speed-Auto_002Amazingly, the new 8-speed has the same dimensions as their outgoing 6-speed, but incredibly it weighs 3.5 kg’s less! This is a fantastic engineering feat.

KIA have experience with 8-speed auto’s from the past, but that was only in RWD cars, where the gearbox is mounted longitudinally. With FWD, it’s a completely different affair…


In FWD cars, there are massive space constraints, meaning the gearbox must be mounted transversely. This makes packing a nightmare for engineers.

Development and research started back in 2012, and has led to Kia patenting 143 new technologies. The new 8-speed promises smoother acceleration, improved fuel economy, and better NVH-levels at speed.

The new gearbox is set to make its debut in the all-new 2017 KIA Cadenza. In this application, the gearbox will be linked to a 3.3-litre V6 diesel.