After many years of faithful use, the Jaguar Land Rover Group are now moving away from V6 engines in favour of new inline-6 engines once again.

The new range of engines are scheduled to replace the outgoing Ford-sourced V6’s, and will be built at the firm’s Ingenium engine plant in Wolverhampton, England.


The new engine design is essentially their current Ingenium 4-cylinder with 2 extra cylinders added on. The capacity is set to 3.0-litres for both petrol and diesel options. This move sees JLR follow a similar path as BMW, using 500cc per cylinder, with plans to launch a 3-cylinder 1.5-litre motor in the near future.


Jaguar plan to launch the Ingenium engine-range towards the end of the year. The first car to benefit will be the XE, XF and F-Pace (all share the lightweight D7a platform). On this occasion, the straight-6 motors are being favoured over V6’s for their lighter weight and fewer moving parts, which makes them cheaper to manufacture and more fuel efficient, although they are initially more difficult to package.

The Ingenium engine-range will be used in different configurations with transverse or longitudinal installation, front-, rear- and all-wheel drive transmissions, and, in the future, hybridisation.

The traditional V8 will always have a home at JLR, even though it’s likely the company won’t build their own engines in-house, but rather, as rumours have been suggesting, source Merc or BMW V8’s in the future.