“So round 6 just happened. The skidpan at Zwartkops Raceway was the venue for this round of the Michelin Cup series.

This one is always good, unless it’s ridiculously cold outside, which it wasn’t – the day was as good as you’re likely to get at this time of the year. By 10am it was pretty much a summer’s day.

Anton Wannenburg iWheels Subaru

The wet and slippery skidpan is a way to sort of level the playing field, it’s here where the high-powered cars and the lesser-powered cars can theoretically run the same times on the two different courses that would be set up throughout the day. Of course when the mad Subarus launch they do gain a little time over the other cars, but from there on in it’s driver skill, and Michelin Cup is full of skilled drivers.

As expected, fastest on the day was Anton Wannenburg in his black iWheels Subaru posting a total time of 02:54.310, the all-wheel drive being exploited properly. Oddly, he could be even faster because his runs also include a bit of an awesome show too.

Another impressive one to watch was Haydn Von Imhof in his S3 Sedan (on Michelin tyres of course) with a fast time of 02:57.910, netting him a 4th place overall. A total time of 03:03.660 saw Wikus Dippenaar beating many bigger and more powerful cars into submission, showing that his front-wheel drive Delarey Racing Developments VW Caddy is a force to be reckoned with.

Anton Wannenburg iWheels Subaru

Fastest lady of the day was Nasmee’a Christian-de Oliveira in her Audi S3 with a brilliant time of 03:06.220, again exploiting a great drivetrain. It was yet another smooth and successful event. There were a few familiar faces missing, but there were some new day entries too, the coolest of which was Nico Swanepoel in his automatic Ford Escort, at 43 years old it was like seeing an antique on the skidpan.”