Back in 1966, Ford started production on a simple, convertible truck to battle the likes of the Jeep. The result was of-course the Bronco.

Recently, during last week’s ChicagoAuto Show, Ford’s marketing guru Mark LeNeve said that the brand would introduce 4 new SUVs in the next 4 years, all of them in segments where Ford don’t currently have an offering, and all of them with names that aren’t currently in use in Ford’s global fleet. The professional prognosticators figure that means a Ranger (with a different name since Ford sells a Ranger pickup internationally), a Bronco, a US version of the Fiesta-based EcoSport, and something for the Lincoln.


The Ranger will most likely provide the platform for the Bronco. This segment will be decidedly empty following the loss of the Toyota FJ Cruiser and Nissan Xterra, theBronco will be a competitor to either the Jeep Grand Cherokee or the immensely successful Jeep Wrangler. This would be very ironic, seeing as the Wrangler was the successor to the Jeep CJ, which inspired the original Bronco.

Ford released a concept for a new Bronco back in 2004. Whether the Bronco will ever make it to SA will remain a mystery for now, though.