When visiting our friends at Land Rover Sandton today, we were met with this sight for sore eyes. The long awaited Landy was standing in the window and you can’t help thinking about that annoying kiddies song “How much is that do…Landy in the window…”

Land Rover Discovery
This is one huge machine…and we love it!

The new Land Rover Discovery combines a radical new exterior design with a highly versatile seven-seat interior. The result is a revolutionary family SUV that brings new levels of sophistication, desirability and capability to the Discovery family.

Previewed by the 2014 Discovery Vision Concept, New Discovery incorporates key elements of the established Discovery DNA in a revelatory design, while intelligent packaging ensures its can accommodate seven adults in greater comfort than ever before.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s Chief Design Officer said: “The Discovery Vision Concept set the tone, alluding to a radical departure in design for the new Discovery family. Now, we have turned that concept into a production reality, this beautifully proportioned vehicle is a highly versatile family SUV that makes a compelling statement to our customers.”

Head out to Land Rover Sandton now to go see the massive machine for yourself. We are anxiously waiting to test…