Tesla have introduced the next step in their “Secret Master Plan”, the Model 3.

And as with ever other Tesla, the Model 3 is designed and engineered to offer customers a combination of good performance, real-world range, as well as safety and utility.


This plays true when you consider the interior space, which has been maximised using smart design. The interior will therefore comfortably fit 5 adults and all of the luggage.

Like all products from Tesla, the Model 3 will be fast, with a claimed 0-100 km/h time of under 6 seconds, along with a range of over 320 km’s, thanks to a high efficiency electric motor. The Model 3 will also be made available with an Electric AWD system.


Tesla aim to make their new car a very competitive mid-size sedan in all aspects, including pricing, which will start at $35,000 (around R515,000) before taxes and such.

Tesla will begin production of the Model 3 in late 2017, ramping Tesla vehicle production to 500,000 vehicles per year.


The Model 3 represents the next logical step in Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.