Even since the Huracan made its debut as the replacement for the much-loved Gallardo, every grown man’s inner child has been yearning at the thought of what a hardcore model would be like…

Geneva 2017 provided the perfect opportunity for Lamborghini to unveil this very bonkers car, labelled the Huracan Performante.

The most obvious update is of course the exterior, which Lamborghini have sculpted perfectly to match the dynamic capabilities of the car, it has that all-important Lambo characteristic of looking like it’s going mighty quickly whilst standing dead still.

Designers have taken inspiration from a venomous snake attacking for the front, all the way to the design of naked-frame streetfighter motorcycles for the back. Special consideration was also taken to avoid using grilles and such on the exterior to underline the lightweight, hardcore personality of the Performante… This is what Lamborghini is all about!

The Performante’s chassis is a furthering over the stock car’s carbon-aluminium hybrid unit. The new chassis incorporates more of Lamborghini’s award-winning composite material called Forged Composite, which is basically a resin containing bits of chopped carbon fibre. The material is praised for being unbelievably strong and rigid whilst still being extremely lightweight.

Overall the Performante weighs 40 kg’s less than the standard car. The front splitter, rear diffuser, engine cover and various other bits are made from naked Forged Composite, which contributes to the diet, and highlights the sporting potential of the Performante.

More power was also on the menu during development; the naturally-aspirated V10 now produces 470 kW, with more than 70% of the engine’s torque available from just 1,000 rpm thanks to an engine re-tune. Performance figures suggest a 0-100 time of just 2.9 seconds.

Lamborghini have also opted for the addition of active aero package on the Performante to further improve grip and handling.Obviously this paid off, since the Huracan Performante set a new lap record at the Nürburgring, with a time of just 6:52:01… Incredible!

The active aero aims to combine the best possible downforce for the bends, with the lowest possible drag for the straight bits. The system on the Lambo is able to deploy or retract its aero-flaps in just 500 milliseconds, ensuring the car is always aerodynamically ready for any road conditions.

Of course, aero alone didn’t make for this blistering record lap-time, specialized tyres from Pirelli are also to thank. In the ‘standard’ application, the tyres used are P Zero Corsa’s, with the famed P Zero Trofeo R’s available as an upgrade.

The interior is also made to emphasise the hardcore-ness of the Performante, with more naked Forged Composite and dark Alcantara all round. The designers aimed to make the cabin feel purposeful, and very racecar… Job done!