Geneva this year definitely did not disappoint, and did very well give us some very exciting cars to drool over, yet there is a car, albeit a concept, that the press have been rather over-looking…

Although it’s not a fire-spitting supercar with 12 exhaust pipes, the Zoe e-Sport Concept really is an awesome idea to get very excited about!

Renault claims the brief for the Zoe e-Sport could not have been simpler… It stated but a single requirement; Have fun!

Immediately the styling reassures you the engineers more than stepped up to the plate, the e-Sport looks every bit as racy and energetic as the performance figures suggest. The bright, satin blue paintwork, with its yellow accents, was made to mimic their current Formula E-winning Renault e.dams team livery. With its Formula E-inspired front splitter,- flat floor, -rear-diffuser, rear wing and 20” wheels, the e-Sport Concept is also lower, wider and all-round more aggressive than the production Zoe.

The body is made from lightweight carbon fibre, supported by a tube frame chassis with integrated Kevlar panels. The chassis is designed so that it complies with FIA safety regulations, meaning you can take your Zoe e-Sport racing straight off the showroom floor.

The entire car weighs in at 1,400 kg’s, including the 450 kg electric motor. This does sound rather fat for a super-mini, but once you learn that the twin-motor setup produces a healthy 340 kW and 640 Nm, the weight figure quickly falls away. Renault say the Zoe e-Sport will do 0-100 in something like 3.2 seconds, with a top speed of 210 km/h, which it reaches in less than 10 seconds… Wow!

Like in Formula E, the e-Sport has 2 electric motors, 1 over each axle, which makes the car AWD. The driver has 4 driving modes to choose from, which either places more emphasis on performance or range. The system even allows the driver to choose if they want the car’s power distribution to be more front- or rear biased.

In terms of suspension, the Zoe e-Sport will feature Öhlins 4-way adjustable dampers, like those on the Megane RS 275 Trophy-R. Renault have also carried the racecar idea through to the interior, with a racing steering-wheel and 2 Recaro bucket seats…

If this doesn’t open your mind to the possibilities the electric drivetrain offers, nothing will!

Well done Renault!