Late last year, we got 4 dreamcars together for what might’ve been the ultimate day out at the track… This is what happened!

Next on the list for our Dreamcar Week is the internet keyboard-warrior’s best friend, the MY17 R35 GT-R Black Edition.

There’s no need for an introduction, as you should already be familiar with the R35’s coveted status as one of the fastest, smartest, and most practical supercars out there!

For the new MY17 generation, Nissan has introduced many minor tweaks and changes to make the new model quicker in a straight line, handle better during the twisty bits, and be more comfortable on the highway.

These improvements range from an aesthetically updated exterior, down all the way to the significantly reinforced chassis. But this should come as no surprise of course, as Nissan seemingly release a new, ‘better’ GT-R every year…

As expected, power from the twin turbocharged 3.8-litre V6 has been lifted to 419 kW, with help from a healthy increase in boost pressure, as well as an ignition-timing system that can control what happens at each cylinder individually, a system previously only reserved for the NISMO GT-R’s. Furthermore, improved mid-range acceleration comes from a flatter, broader power curve, which makes the GT-R’s power delivery more accessible, this results in a more usable car every day.

Our RoadTest data showed we did the sprint to 100 in 3.62 seconds at altitude, even though a sub-3 second 0-100 is claimed. When pushed past the legal speed-limit, you can expect to hit a 308 km/h top speed…

The drivetrain is a thing of wonder too, with the independent rear-transaxle AWD system, appropriately called the ATTESA E-TS system. This load of babble basically means that under normal driving circumstances, the GT-R is 100% rear-wheel drive. Then, when required, the drive will shift to all four wheels instantaneously, with a 50:50 torque-split.

In terms of handling, the GT-R’s adjustable DampTronic shock system has been updated to allow each wheel to endure an even greater load under harsh conditions, whilst still maintaining maximum contact with the road. This provides the driver with a more rigid, stable cornering experience.

Although the very impressive Brembo brakes have not seen much in the way of change, they are at least set behind a brand new set of beautiful 20” forged RAYS wheels.

Inside, the interior has been cleaned-up and refined a fair bit in comparison to the old car. Through clever packaging and integrating, the number of switches on the centre console have been reduced from 27 to 11. The design of the dashboard and steering-wheel have also been updated and modernised. In all, the new interior feels a lot more ‘business park’ than ‘race track’.

A cool R2.15-million will earn you Godzilla ownership, with the better spec’d Black Edition coming in at R2.25-million. And although this hardly what you call cheap, it could very well be said that in terms of what the GT-R offers dynamically, it is very good value for money!

If the GT-R is a bit too serious for your liking, and your prefer something that’s a bit more of a laugh, then our next car might be a better fit… Stay tuned!