The ever popular roadster from Mazda is back, this time however, it’s got a proper roof!

The company aims to create an entirely new personality for the car by making it a retractable hardtop, instead of the traditional soft-top. Mazda hope to offer customers an entirely different driving experience, but yet still retaining maximum fun.


The decision to make a hardtop model was based upon the success of the 3rd generation’s retractable hardtop model. This model accounted for more than half of all MX-5 sales, and was popular with those who wanted all-season comfort and utility.

The new RF acronym stands for Retractable Fastback.

Mazda saw it critical to keep the recognisable lines of the MX-5 while designing the new car. The result is a car that looks great, and more importantly, doesn’t take anything away from the open-top experience, once the roof is retracted.


The RF gains a full 5mm in height over the soft top. In every other sense, the dimensions remain the same. And amazingly the boot space also remains the same as well, thanks to some clever packaging design. The hardtop also benefits from significantly improved road-noise levels.

While the sides of the roof and rear roof are colour matched to the body colour, the top of the roof is available in either piano black or the body colour.