Late last year, we got 4 dreamcars together for what might’ve been the ultimate day out at the track… This is what happened!

We conclude our Dreamcar list with what could be the ultimate playboy’s express, the Spyder version of the Huracán LP610-4.

The AWD Huracán Spyder takes all the well-loved bits of the standard car, and somehow makes them so much better. With that glorious V10 noise now even more prominent without the roof, it’s hard to argue that this is one of the most exciting cars you can buy!

The soulful noise still comes from a 5.2-litre V10, but unlike the LP580, the Spyder produces some 449 kW. This sounds wonderful, but it doesn’t have quite the speed difference that you’d expect over the LP580, that’s because the LP610 Spyder weighs in at 1,542 kg’s as opposed to the lighter 1,389 kg’s of the RWD LP580. Yet, it’s still not what you’d call slow…

Lamborghini claim a 3.4 second 0-100, with a top speed of 324 km/h. Our RoadTest data showed we managed a 3.89 second 0-100  at altitude.

Our test car was fitted with pretty much every option, but the stand-out feature over the LP580 was of course the carbon ceramic brakes. In times of much-needed stopping power, nothing comes close to the monstrous brakes. Couple that to the unbelievable grip provided by the very clever Haldex AWD system, and you realise the Lambo is much more of a track car than you’d ever expect…

It’s clear, that when designing this car, Lamborghini focus on the “really important” stuff, like the fact that the pop-up roll-over bars are hidden away well enough, so as not to spoil the silhouette of the car. This is why we love Lamborghini!

As with the LP580, the Spyder’s chassis is a blend of aluminium and carbon fibre, making it a full 40% stiffer than the Gallardo. The Huracán also provides better downforce, with a full flat and smooth underbody, helped along by a massive diffuser and rear wing. In all, the improvements show a 50% improvement in downforce over the Gallardo.

Another note-worthy point is the level of wind-noise in the cabin with the roof down. The improved aero means wind-noise is almost completely eliminated, even when you drive like a complete hoon!

As we mentioned in the LP580 review, all Huracán’s now come with the ultra-modern Cylinder Deactivation, which can shut down 5 of the 10 cylinders when the computer deems them redundant.

As too with the LP580, the Spyder certainly does not come cheap… The base model, with very little in the way of optional extra’s comes in at R5.65-million. Once you spec it up with a few toys, such as carbon ceramic brakes etc, that price quickly passed the R6 000 000 mark…