Late last year, we got 4 dreamcars together for what might’ve been the ultimate day out at the track… This is what happened!

We kick off Dreamcar Week with the driving-man’s Lamborghini, the Huracán LP580-2. Because if you want a Lambo, but could do without the nanny AWD system looking out for your safety all the time, the rear-drive LP580 is certainly the one you go for!

By ditching the AWD system, Lamborghini managed to knock off an extra 33 kg’s over the standard Huracán coupe. The lack of weight over the front axle translates into a more immediate steering feel, making the general driving experience more pure, more old-fashioned, more manly. The diet also makes the Lambo feel lighter on its feet, giving you the confidence to drive it harder, and of course, more sideways!

Power comes from the ever-noisy 5.2-litre V10, which in the LP580-2 is tuned to produce 426 kW, along with 540 Nm, 75% of which is readily available from just 1,000 rpm. Claimed 0-100 stands at 3.4 seconds, although at altitude our RoadTest data showed we could only manage 3.97. Top speed, however, remains undoubted at 320 km/h, which is ever so slightly slower than the LP610-4.

Immediate throttle response, masses of torque, and a seamless 7-speed double-clutch transmission ensure the Huracán never feels anything less than poised and excitable. With the addition of RWD, that pantomime only grows!

The styling is outrageously flamboyant, which is lovely! There is absolutely no doubting the car’s ability to draw attention in any crowd. The craftsmanship and quality of materials are immediately evident once you get inside. Rather surprisingly, the car feels incredibly accommodating to sit in, although you wouldn’t mistake it for family saloon, it isn’t cramped at all.

There is also evidence to suggest that the Italians had their sensible hats on when developing this car, as it returns economy figures of only 11.9l/100km. This is thanks to the introduction of new-age Cylinder Deactivation, which now makes an appearance on all Huracán models. The system works by shutting down an entire cylinder bank (that’s 5 cylinders) when the computer deems them redundant. Then, once the driver requires more grunt, the computer instantaneously re-activates the cylinder bank, and all is right with the world again.

As you’d expect, the least expensive Lamborghini you can buy would still be rather expensive, and you be right… The primitively-spec’d Huracán LP580-2 starts at R4.3-million…

If this seems a bit out of budget, don’t despair, the next car on our little Dreamcar list retails for less than half of what the Lambo goes for… Stay tuned!