In 2014, Jaguar decided to diversify their range in the most extraordinary way; by build 10 brand new Lightweight Racing E-Type’s.


The project was a roaring success, and the division responsible for this remarkable achievement was dubbed Jaguar Classic.


Ever since the Lightweight E-Type ended, the Jaguar Classic team were challenge with the task of choosing another classic gem to reproduce. They settled on this beautiful 1957 XKSS.


The story goes, the XKSS was originally a road-going version of the LeMans-winning D-Type. The original XKSS was produced in 1954-1956, until the project came to an abrupt end in 1957 when 9 cars destined for North America weren’t lost in a fire in Jaguar’s Brown Lane factory in the British Midlands, thus only 16 cars were ever delivered to customers.


These 9 ‘brand-new’ XKSS’ are Jaguar attempt to remake those ‘lost’ cars.


Every single detail will be period correct, from the magnesium alloy body, to the rivited 2-piece magnesium alloy wheels, to the Dunlop disk-brakes, and even down to the glorious 3.4-litre straight-six, producing just 195 kW.


This example is finished in Sherwood Green, and all 9 subsequent cars will also be finished in colours of the original colour-pallet.


Minor specification changes have been made only to improve driver and passenger safety. The fuel cell, for example, uses robust, modern materials to support throughput of modern fuels.


As one could expect, this level of bespoke, luxurious rarity does not come cheap. The XKSS will be sold for a cool £1 million. That translates to around R18 million a piece…