Caterham’s legendary Seven is turning 60 next year, and to celebrate Caterham have introduced their very own birthday present.

A special model that was seemingly planned and designed in the mid-1960s but was never launched… Caterham call it the Seven Spirit.


The idea was to create a car that was almost dug up in a time capsule, but with all the advantages that modern engineering provides.

The Spirit is powered by the company’s lowest output 3-cylinder Suzuki motor, which also makes an appearance in their entry-level 160 model, producing only 60 kW.


To add to the nostalgic feel, the Spirit is only available in the same 6 colours that were available on the original cars in 1966/67.

More period-correctness includes the grey powdered-coated chassis, as with the Series 2 Lotus 7, as well as the suspension and rollover bar, which are also reminiscent of Colin Chapman’s original.


The theme is carried throughout, with the polished exhaust silencer, special rear lights, and of course those flared front wings.

The interior is designed to reflect nostalgia too, with the wooden steering-wheel and -dashboard.


Only 60 Seven Spirit’s will ever be produced, and sadly all 60 were sold within 7 days of the car’s unveiling.

Caterham Cars CEO, Graham Macdonald, said: “We have always prided ourselves on continually developing the Seven during the 44 years we have been custodian of the model. But we never wished to dismiss our heritage either and I know there are plenty of Seven purists and aficionados out there who will really appreciate the level of detail we’ve gone to with the Sprint to resurrect the spirit of those early cars. It’s a car that has been built today, with all the benefits that modern engineering brings with it, but the essence of the swinging ’60s and is the perfect precursor to our 60th-anniversary celebration in 2017.”