The Toyota 86 has enjoyed massive success globally thus far. Now, Toyota Australia have added some extra excitement by revealing a “Shooting Brake” concept version of the 86.

The car was completely developed and designed in Australia, as a secret in-house project, and was then hand-built in Japan under the supervision of the Global Sportcar Division.

The idea behind the Shooting Brake styling is that of a more practical hatch. This design gives the four-seat sportscar a unique flavour with more rear head room and luggage space.


“The Shooting Brake concept is a classy option for active couples or a second car for families who want something different. Equally suited to weekends away as well as the track, it’s a car you could buy with your head and your heart,” said Brad Cramb, Toyota Australia Divisional Manager of National Marketing.

Tada-san, of Toyota Japan, said he was inspired to support the project when shown a one-quarter scale clay model during a visit to Australia in November 2014.


“I was totally surprised – and I liked it so much I arranged for my expert takumi prototype craftsmen to hand-build the Shooting Brake concept based on the Australian design.”

“The concept car is a fully functional, driveable vehicle that has been put through its paces on Toyota test tracks. The nicely weighted and direct steering of the 86 ensures the car retains the involving drive experience of the coupe with a slightly more neutral feel in tight corners on a driver’s favourite road.”

The purpose of this Concept is to gauge public interest in a possible production version of the 86 Shooting Brake.


Initially, designers wanted to keep changes to the body minimal by only modifying the rear-quarter panels and roof of the car. It was imperative for them to keep the car the same as the coupe in every other respect.

“While we never say never, and I would love this concept to become a production reality, it is very much a concept that demonstrates the passion within Toyota for cars that are fun to drive,” said Tada-san.