In 2013, the addition of AMG to the compact A-Class opened up a whole new market for Mercedes. The A45 AMG quickly became a success story for the brand.

Now, in 2016, the A45 AMG 4Matic has 280 kW, almost 10 kW more that the previous car, and 475 Nm for the turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. The A45 has always been renowned for being agile and safe on the roads, yet still extremely fast around a track.


More power is not the only addition to the new car, it also has revised gear ratios, aerodynamic fine-tuning as well as the DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes, derived from the AMG GT and AMG C63.

The driving dynamics can be further enhanced with options such as the AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension and the AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package.

With all the modificationto the transmission, suspension, electronics, design and appointments have turned the A45 has turned  into a completely new car. In no other model in this class is true motor racing spirit so obvious as in the Merc.


With more power, it’s no surprise that the new model is quicker than before. The A45 can now do the 0-100 km/h sprint in 4.2 seconds, 0.4 seconds quicker than before, and yet still capable of doing 6.9l/100km.Others cars in this class struggle to match that.

A specific output of 141 kW per litre marks a record for a series production four-cylinder engine, and raises the high-performance AMG power unit to the level of thoroughbred super sports cars.


The engine specialists at AMG mainly achieved this increase in power output with a newly configured valve assembly. In addition the combustion processes have been optimised by reconfigured timing and turbocharging. The turbo now produces 1.8 bar boost.

The selectable driving modes include “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport +” and “Individual”. The modes are selected using the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT Controller, and modify parameters such as the engine and transmission characteristics. The Controller is positioned in the centre console, behind the gear selector lever.


The DYNAMIC SELECT modes are also shown in the cockpit display. The driver sees a special icon and corresponding information in the central display of the AMG instrument cluster. A pop-up window also appears on the free-standing central display whenever the transmission mode is changed: depending on the mode, the animated Mercedes-AMG A45 is shown with an appropriate graphic and colour presentation. While subdued shades of blue predominate in “Comfort”, the car is shown on a racetrack in “Race” mode (included with the optional DYNAMIC PLUS package or the AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension – including red/white kerbs.

The completely new AMG DYNAMIC PLUS optional package sharpens up the vehicle dynamics even further by adding in a 5th driving mode, “Race”. A major component of the package is the newly developed, mechanical front axle locking differential, which significantly improves traction when driving in a sporty style. The greatest advantages become apparent during fast acceleration out of bends, where the locking differential allows maximum grip and high rates of lateral acceleration. Thus, the A45 is stabilised even more effectively during load changes and at high speeds.


The package also includes the AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension: one of its new features is the two-stage, adaptive damping adjustment. The system operates fully automatically, adapting the damping forces for each wheel according to the driving situation and road conditions. This happens within milliseconds and is infinitely variable, with a wide spread of damping characteristics. This ride comfort and agility are enhanced in equal measure. The driver is also able to preselect the basic damping characteristics in two stages for a personally configured set-up. There is a choice between maximum sportiness or pronounced long-distance comfort at the touch of a button. The RIDE CONTROL suspension is also available individually as a separate optional extra.

A few options are available from the AMG Performance Studio, these include:

Red-painted brake callipers with black “AMG” lettering

  • Carbon-fibre exterior mirror housings
  • AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package
  • Aerodynamic package
  • Roof spoiler
  • Performance exhaust system
  • Performance steering wheel, E-SELECT lever and main key with AMG emblem
  • Performance seats for driver and passenger, with more heavily contoured seat for enhanced lateral support, integral head restraints, AMG badges in the backrests and seat belts in an enclosed look
  • 8 x 19 multi-spoke light-alloy wheels painted in titanium grey with high-sheen finish and size 235/35 R 19 tyres
  • 8 x 19 multi-spoke light-alloy wheels painted in matt black with high-sheen rim flange and size 235/35 R 19 tyres
  • 8 x 19 cross-spoke light-alloy wheels painted in titanium grey with high-sheen finish and size 235/35 R 19 tyres
  • 8 x 19 cross-spoke light-alloy wheels painted in matt black with high-sheen rim flange and size 235/35 R 19 tyres
  • Night package
  • AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension with adaptive damping adjustment in two stages and additional RACE driving mode


Mercedes-AMG has no sign of slowing down: “We never rest on our laurels, but constantly strive to develop our products further,” says Tobias Moers, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. “The A45 still had so much improvement potential that we felt compelled to realise it to the full. Our brand claim simply obliges us to.”