When Mazda set out to make a B-Segment crossover, they decided to not look at what the competition were doing, but rather go their own way to create something unique.

The result of Mazda incorporating SKYACTIV Technology, and their KODO Design, is a car that looks good anywhere, and one that’s practical, comfortable and ergonomic.

This model is fitted with Mazda’s 2-litre SKYACTIV-G pertol enige, producing 110 kW and 204 Nm. It must be said that the 1.5 diesel would be a better fit for the car, as it can feel slightly underpowered at times. The 1.5 SKYACTIV-D diesel offer 77 kW and 270 Nm.

The CX-3 is available in FWD or 4WD.

As with all Mazda products of late, the interior fit and finish is fantastic, with an absolute feeling of quality and durability.

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