Jaguar takes a bold step forward by introducing their 1st all-electric SUV.

The I-PACE Concept sees radical styling and technology presented in this ultra-modern 5-seater SUV.


Going electric is very advantageous in terms of design, as designers don’t have to accommodate for an engine and traditional transmission. Thus Jaguar designer were able to bring the whole cabin forward, extend the wheel base, and shorten the overhangs, resulting in a strong and modern overall design.

Many design elements, such as the smooth coupe-like silhouette, are drawn from the C-X75 supercar.


“The opportunities offered by an electric powertrain are huge. Electric vehicles offer designers much greater freedom, and it is an opportunity we must grasp. This is why the I-PACE Concept is developed on a new architecture which has been designed to optimise electric vehicle performance, aerodynamics and interior space.”


“With the I-PACE Concept, the revolution is in the profile, not the design language. The profile is possible because this car is electric. It’s not just that we wanted to create something that was very different from anything else we do: we wanted the design to celebrate the new battery electric technology. I was determined from the very beginning of this project to create a design which reflected this change in the mechanics of the car. This is what led to the sporty cab-forward profile rather than a car with a bonnet and an engine.” Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar.


As Mr. Callum says, the interior can be much more spacious than in a traditional SUV, thanks to the electric powertrain. The I-PACE offer 530-litres of storage at the back, this already easily exceeds that of a traditional SUV, and another 28-litres of luggage space under the bonnet.

Other than being very versatile, the I-PACE will also be pretty quick with a 0-100 time of around 4 seconds. Power comes from 2 electric motors, together producing 295 kW and 700 Nm of instant torque.

The positioning of the electric motors also means the SUV is AWD, furthering the versatility and year-round usability.


The batteries are ultra-modern lithium-ion units that were developed in-house by Jaguar Land Rover engineers. These units are very compact and very efficient. The I-PACE will be able to do 500km on a single charge, with recharging being very quick at 90 minutes for 90% and just over 2 hours for a full charge.


Inside, the cab is packed with modern tech along with traditional materials, as per Jaguar vision of luxury. The SUV will offer WiFi connectivity with a modern 12” touch interface to control it all.

The I-PACE sits on beautiful 23”wheels that add to the sporting nature of the car.


“When you get behind the wheel, the driving experience reflects the I-PACE Concept’s dynamic design. It’s a true Jaguar and we will prove that a zero emission vehicle can be a true driver’s car. We proved with the F-PACE that a performance crossover can deliver the agility, connected feel and ride quality you’d expect from a Jaguar. Now we’re going to do the same with the I-PACE Concept: this will be the first electric vehicle developed for enthusiasts who love driving.” Mike Cross, Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar Land Rover