Late last year, we got 4 dreamcars together for what might’ve been the ultimate day out at the track… This is what happened!

Next on our Dreamcar Week list is the hooligan’s choice, and 2016’s best selling sport’s coupè, the new-gen Ford Mustang GT…

The 5.0 Mustang we had the pleasure of testing is a very special pony indeed, as it comes fitted with a very healthy Whipple supercharger kit!

In stock trim, the 5.0-litre V8 produced a respectable 306 kW, with the addition of the supercharger, that number soars to 500+ kW, with more than 800 Nm on tap. This has a rather profound, and sideways, effect on performance. The extra power transforms the Mustang into the car you always expected it to be, a true, red-blooded American muscle car!

Our RoadTest data returned a 4.82 second 0-100 at altitude for the as-yet untested Whipple Mustang. Official top speed figures have not been released… Naturally, it should easily be capable of eclipsing the standard-claimed 250 km/h.

Not much has been altered in terms of the suspension, which allows you to have some proper old school fun. Backed up by the monstrous V8 sound-track we all know and love, the Whipple Mustang become a pleasurable, fun, and exciting driving experience…

Inside, the Ford engineers have done a fantastic job playing the nostalgia-card. The design harks back to Mustangs of old, but with all the modern design and –convenience you crave. With masses of power reserves, and a suspension set-up that’s more than capable of providing excellent levels of comfort, the Mustang is a very quick and comfortable GT car, perfect for those classic lengthy ‘Murican road trips!

The 5.0 Mustang is offered with a base price of R850 000, although you can expect to shell out another R400 000 on the Whipple kit, making for a grand total of R1,25 million. This Whipple supercharger is offered with a 2 year/40 000km warranty from BB Motorsport in Pretoria.

Certainly not the cheapest Mustang out there, but definitely one of the better interpretations of what the Mustang is really all about, making noise and smoking tyres!

The next, and final car on our list is a culmination of all the cars we seen so far, taking the strongest points from all of them and mashing them together to create the perfect Dreamcar… Stay tuned!