To celebrate their 90th birthday, Touring has unveiled their new open top version of the beautiful Disco Volante.

As before, the Disco Volante is based on the Alfa Romeo 8C. This time around, the Competizione Spyder is used, and thus remains a 2-seater roadster.


This will be the 1st open top car in the company’s recent history. Unfortunately, only 7 examples will ever be built. This makes the VolanteSpyder incredibly special.

Touring is made special by their remarkable craftsmanship. A very skilled team crafted the Volante Spyder by hand-beating every panel on the car, whilst still integrating some of the most advanced engineering tools. This is the formula that allows Touring to fulfil the rising demand for truly exclusive coach built cars.


The Disco Volante Spyder is inspired by the 1952 Alfa Romeo C52. On its way to the 1953 New York Motor Show, the C52 had already gained the Disco Volante nickname, Italian for ‘Flying Saucer’. Once again, Touring had sparked the public’s imagination with a ground-breaking shape, on what was the eve of space age.

As usual with Touring Superleggera, the lines and volumes were dictated by a strict functional requirement: the new car had to be “insensitive to wind”. The Disco Volante was to become the best example of Touring’s founder, Felice Bianchi Anderloni’s philosophy: “Weight is the enemy, air resistance the obstacle”.


The windscreen is low, sharp-edged and without a visible top frame. This gives the car a more dynamic look, as well as contributing to the lightweight concept. The uninterrupted razor sharp edge continues through the side windows and fairings, encircling the whole car with a seamless and exciting trait.

The covered front wheels are designed to give the impression of speed and sportiness. The open rear wheels, however, are designed to highlight the muscular side of the Spyder.


In all, the look of the Volante Spyder is made to be beautiful and timeless.

Since the new car was meant to be useful in every weather scenario, the company developed an innovative twin carbon roof, allowing the car to have all the protection of a true coupé.

The roof weighs a mere 3.5 kg, and is designed to be stored in the boot, while still leaving room for a real luggage set. The lightweight roof is part of a program that helps to lower the centre of gravity as much as possible.


As mentioned before, Touring incorporates true craftsmanship with the latest technology. For this reason, every new Volante Spyder component is CAD-designed and documented. The meticulous engineering process run with the support of Alfa Romeo’s engineering team covers feasibility, safety, homologation, aerodynamics and structural analysis through the use of the most advanced IT tools and simulations.

Sound insulation is also paramount for driving pleasure at high speed with an open roof. Computational Fluid Dynamics helped achieve outstanding acoustic comfort in cabin, with noise level limited to 24-50dB at 180 Km/h in the driver and passenger zone.


CFD studies were also used to enhance airflow and ensure optimal downforce in the rear section.

In line with the company’s philosophy of personalisation, Touring provides a bespoke setup of the suspension to match each customer’s preference.


The Disco Spyder uses the lightweight 4.7-litre V8 from the 8C. In this guise the V8 produces 335 kW and 480 Nm, and is coupled with a 6-speed sequential gearbox. The use of a limited-slip diff and a state-of-the-art carbon-ceramic braking system makes the Disco more than just a garage queen.

The Volante Spyder can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,5 seconds and has a top speed of approximately 292 km/h.


The price of such a bespoke piece of kit is obviously a POA-affair.

Touring Superleggera delivers the complete car 6 months after the donor Alfa Romeo 8C Spider is made available.


All Touring-produced or modified parts have a 2-year unlimited-mileage warranty, subject to the usual industry terms. Alfa Romeo dealers are qualified for maintenance and service of the technical components, while Touring supplies repair instructions and parts for the Touring-designed components and systems.

“The Disco Volante Spyder is the perfect example of the haute couture philosophy that made Touring a respected player in the luxury car scene in recent years.” Piero Mancardi, CEO.