Another great automotive year has passed, and to celebrate we take a look back to some of the most poplar posts from 2016!

There were a few surprises, and some obvious contenders, too! Without babbling on for too long, in descending order…

The iWheels.TV 10 Most Popular Posts From 2016:

1. Gymkhana EIGHT Has Landed!

Yes, topping the list is the 8th addition to the ever-popular Gymkhana series. In this EPIC vid, Mr. Block tore up the streets of Dubai, and even gave us one of the finest internet drag races ever seen!

Gymkhana EIGHT was so popular in fact, it attracted a fair number of views more than the more recent Gymkhana NINE managed.


2. Ford Could be Making a New Bronco

This was one of the shockers on the list, as Ford’s announcement of a possible new-age Bronco went viral.

As it managed a podium-finish on our list, I think it’s fair to assume that if Ford were to go ahead and throw the new Bronco into production, it would surely be a massive success!

The world most certainly needs a new Bronco!


3. Nissan breaks the World Record for the Fastest Ever Drift @ 304 KM/H

Not a shock, however, was Nissan’s attempt to smash the World Record for the fastest ever drift.

This was one of those moments were the whole internet watched in awe as Masato Kawabata, Japanese Drifting Champ, flung his GT-R sideways at more than 300 km/h…

Who wouldn’t want to see that?!


4. BB Group Head to Simola Hillclimb with 2 GT-R’s

Another relative surprise was news of the BB Group’s prep to take their GT-R’s to the Simola Hillclimb.

Mind you, one of these GT-R’s did produce 938 kW, so maybe it wasn’t quite such a surprise after all!


5. BMW SA Announce M2 Price

Another unsurprising entry came when BMW SA finally gave us the listing prices the whole country was keenly awaiting.

The popularity of this post confirms the M2’s reputation as the most anticipated M-car in years.


6. 2017 BMW M760Li xDrive

BMW made the headlines again with the launch of their biggest, most expensive luxury barge.

To be fair, with 441 kW on tap, the ultra-exclusive M760Li is more of a speedboat than a cruiseliner in anyone’s books.


7. Ex-BBC Boss Says Clarkson’s Termination Was a Massive Mistake

This statement certainly came as no real surprise to global Top Gear fans, we were all just sort of waiting for the day…


8. 2016 Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept

The very lovely Vision MM Concept 6 was a hit, too. Once you stare a it for more than 30 seconds, it’s quite easy to see just why it was so popular…

And that interior though! *bites back of fist*


9. 2017 Ford Kuga

Easily the biggest shock on the list, as hordes of people flocked to read about the new Ford Kuga.

This is quite the surprise if you take into consideration that not much was changed for the 2017 Kuga, but popular it was nevertheless.


10. 2017 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

This was no shock at all, and in our opinion the most desirable AMG Merc to be released in recent times.

How could you not want a 450 kW, luxurious sedan with a dedicated Drift Mode?!


In all, a great year in the automotive world was had, and if 2016 was anything to go by, 2017 is going to be 1 to watch!